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Top 5 Concerns of Social Studies Teachers

Teaching is an honorable profession. Teachers who choose social studies as their field have certain things they would like to work on in order to provide better lessons for their students.

Over Emphasis on Test Scoring

Test scores are very much on the mind of many educators. It is understandable that parents want to ensure that their children are mastering the basics. 

At the same time, they also want to ensure that students are learning other, equally important skills. Social studies teachers can feel as if they are left behind when students and schools are focusing on their annual student testing.

Existing Materials

Existing materials are common when it comes to this field. At the same time, such materials may be outdated or even obsolete. This is why so many teachers are finding it useful to consider updating their materials. 

The use of work in Adobe Education Exchange knowledge and expertise can make things flow more smoothly. It can also help teachers when it comes to 6th grade social studies curriculum that empowers students to consider new points of view.

Diverse Perspectives

One of the most important things that social studies aim to get done is to provide students with a sense of the world’s diversity. Students should learn about their own communities. They should also be given a chance to learn about the world around them. 

For so many social studies teachers this means making sure they have the kind of diverse teaching materials they need to provide lots of representations of cultures. Students who are from minority communities appreciate seeing themselves in such material. 

That can make it easier for them to understand the lessons they’re being taught in the classroom each day.

Big Names Only

Social studies teachers can find they are bogged down when it comes to focusing on big names only. For example, a unit on World War II may draw attention to figures like Stalin, Churchill, and Roosevelt. 

Meanwhile, lots of other decisions were made of the equal impact on the war by other figures. The teacher may also want to spend some time talking about the world of the average soldier as well as what life was like for people during this time in history.

Lack of Complexity

In some ways, perhaps more than any other discipline, social studies is about understanding the bigger picture. Concepts with great complexity are at the heart of the world that students are expected to understand. 

A teacher may find they are bogged down in details that do little to help students get a feel for the long view. They may also feel that students are not prepared to get a handle on the full scope of historical trends. 

That can create students who struggle to understand larger themes and how they interact over time.

All of these issues are issues modern social studies teachers face. Addressing them can lead to better teaching methods and more informed students.

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