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How to Move into a Career in Teaching

Teaching is a rewarding and fulfilling career where you can help students of any age and education level. Whether you think you’d shine with tiny tots or university students, teaching can be a completely customizable career option that you can jump into—today!

Gain experience

Check that you love the job with an administrative position in a school, some volunteer work, or work experience in a community college near you. This will help you to get a good understanding of how the education system works, your district’s regulation and licensure, and empathize with general student struggles. You will also have a wealth of opportunity to socialize with other professionals in the field and learn from their experiences.

Observing teachers inspiring and imparting knowledge first-hand is truly the best way to get a taste of what’s to come in a teaching career. Having this experience on your resumé will also strongly reflect your passion and genuine interest in the field of education, which will reassure your superiors of your commitment to this career change.

Hone your skills

Identify your weaknesses and convert them into strengths. Being aware of your shortfalls allows you to actively improve these areas and assemble a goal-oriented lifestyle. 

If you currently work in a sector that you believe is unrelated to education, make a list of all the skills you use in your current role, and try to imagine one way that each is transferable to teaching. Write it down—you can use this list as a resource when preparing for interviews where questions such as “please list your relevant skills” will be waiting!

Teaching styles vary from classroom to classroom, with the teacher’s personality playing a large role in the type of lesson delivered. Note down some attributes you would like to have as a teacher, thinking about what was most inspiring for you as a student. Then think about how you can work on these skills so that stepping into a classroom fills you with excitement and confidence.

After identifying your weaknesses and strengths, you can gain relevant practical experience to support the steady development of these skills.

Get qualified!

If you’re ready to take the next step in becoming a teacher, it’s time to get qualified with a masters in education. The benefits include the following:

  • The national average teaching salary for those with a masters degree is $52,750, an average of $7,360 more than teachers with a bachelors degree.
  • Study 100% online—reduce your travel costs and carbon footprint with distance learning completed from the comfort of your own home.
  • Flexible study—no classroom time means no commitment; complete the course at your own pace.
  • Fast progression—graduate in as little as 24 months.
  • Simple entry requirements—all you need is a 2:2 honors degree in any subject with relevant work experience.
  • Financial aid may be available—funding could be available to help manage the cost of your further education.
  • A range of benefits alongside your salary—medical and dental benefits are often available, depending on your district and institution.
  • Become a confident and competent educator of any age or subject.

Blueprint your teaching career

You may not be able to map out every step of your journey to success but noting important goals and career developments is useful in progress tracking. 

First of all, you’ll need to decide what you want to do as a teacher. Do you envision a nursery setting or adult learners in an auditorium?

Whatever you picture, educate yourself about the possibilities before you make a choice:

Teach an elementary school class (1st – 6th grade)

With general knowledge and exploring the world around them a priority at this young age, your knowledge doesn’t need to be specialized and your main focuses will revolve around wellbeing, safeguarding, and personal development. You’ll likely teach a range of core and non-core subjects, at a low-depth level.

Become a middle school or junior high school teacher (6th – 8th grade)

Teach pre-adolescents one or two subjects at a depth they can understand but continue to challenge themselves with. It’s advisable to be patient and encouraging with this age group, to support their confidence.

Teach high school students (9th grade upwards)

Focusing on one subject in depth, a relevant undergraduate degree would be needed alongside a masters degree. A large part of your day-to-day tasks will be problem-solving and pastoral care, along with lesson planning and delivering interesting lesson content.

Become a tour leader (adult learners)

Whether it’s a museum or a city, a masters of arts in education will be sure to win you that position. This will, after all, include educating tour attendees about the establishment or location. This typically removes you and your students from the classroom setting and shortens relationships with participants.

Instruct at a corporate level (adult learners)

If you want to train adults in particularly hands-on tasks, become a corporate trainer and educate meaningfully on topics such as in-house strategies or software.

Become a certification instructor (adult learners)

With the right expertise, you can teach anyone anything. This could be skills development boot camps, short course training seminars, or professional development certifications. This allows you the freedom of very niche topics and less-restricted curriculums, as well as your choice of setting and delivery.

Become a tutor or adjunct professor part time (any age and any subject)

If you’re seeking part-time work as a teacher, becoming a tutor can help develop your skills and help students on a one-to-one basis, whilst earning an income. Adjunct professors work part time in often temporary positions, making this a great short-term or part-time option.

In conclusion

Making the jump from any sector into a career as a teacher could be more achievable than you think. Great teachers are worth their weight in gold—to both their institutions and their students.

Gaining the relevant experience, cultivating a highly suitable set of skills, and having a plan made of informed decisions will be more than enough to get you on your way! The rest is down to dedication, hard work, and a love of education.

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