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Is the syllabus for the CDS and CAPF 2022 exam the same? Can a candidate appear for both exams?

CDS exam is conducted for recruitment of candidates in the Indian Army, Indian Navy, Indian Airforce, Naval Academy, Officers Training Academy (Men & Women). The Indian Navy, Indian Army, Naval Academy, Indian Airforce, Officers Training Academy (Men & Women) have issued a notice for 341 posts (Men & Women). CDS exam is  conducted twice in a year.

The UPSC CAPF Assistant Commandant exam is held once a year by the UPSC. To pass the UPSC CAPF test, candidates must put in a significant amount of effort.

CDS and CAPF syllabus aren’t the same, but they have similar sections. It is perfectly possible to appear for both exams. Utilise BYJU’S Exam Prep for preparation for both these exams.

CAPF AC Syllabus for Paper 1

CAPF 2022 is held for recruitment to the post of Assistant Commandant. The syllabus for both CDS and CAPF isn’t quite similar to each other, however, the candidates can apply for both the exams.

Paper Subject Syllabus
Paper – 1 General Mental Ability ●      Quantitative ability including numerical ability and interpretation of data.

●      Logical reasoning


General Science ●      Scientific temper

●      General Awareness

●      Understanding and enjoying scientific phenomena seen daily, including emerging fields such as computer technology, biotechnology, and environmental science.

Current Events of National & International Importance ●      Current events of national and worldwide Significance in the domains of culture, music, the arts, literature, sports, government, socio-economic and development challenges, industry, business, globalisation, and nation-to-nation interactions
Indian Polity & Economy ●      India’s political system and Constitution, social systems, and public administration, India’s economic progress, security concerns, and human rights, as well as its indications
Indian History ●      Areas where nationalism is gaining traction and where independence is being sought
Indian & World Geography ●      India and the world’s physical, social, and economic aspects of geography.

CAPF AC Syllabus for Paper 2

Paper Topic Syllabus
Paper 2 Essay ●      Modern Indian history, in particular, freedom struggle, geography, politics and economy, knowledge of issues of security and human rights, and analytical ability
Comprehension, précis writing & language skills précis writing, reading comprehension, simple grammar, developing counter arguments, and other aspects of language testing


CDS Syllabus 2022

Subjects Topics
General Knowledge ●      History

●      Current affairs of the last 4-5 months from the examination date.

●      Biology

●      Physics

●      Political Science

●      Geography

English ●      Antonyms

●      Synonyms

●      Basic Grammar

●      Error Spotting

●      Comprehension Solving

●      Para Jumbles

Elementary Maths ●      Integers

●      Natural numbers

●      Rational and Real numbers

●      Percentages

●      Time & distance

●      Time & work

●      Ratio & proportion

●      Profit & loss

●      Simple and compound interest

●      Prime and composite numbers

●      Euclidean algorithm

●      Logarithms

●      Statistics

●      HCF, and LCM

●      Geometry

●      Trigonometry

●      Mensuration

CDS Preparation 2022

Pass the CDS test in 2022 by following the finest preparation tips and strategies on BYJU’S Exam Prep. The essential study materials are listed below.

  • Plan ahead of time, at least six months. There might be a lot of rivalries since this is a famous test. If you prepare ahead of time, you will have the edge over your opponents.
  • Make careful selections for your study resources. There are a lot of books and resources to pick from, but not all of them are valuable, so choose carefully.
  • To assess your preparation level and identify weak areas, practise previous year’s question papers and mock examinations.
  • Be conscious of your skills and weaknesses and prepare appropriately to minimise any gaps in your preparation.

Visit BYJU’S Exam Prep to know further information on CDS and CAPF exams. It will guide you towards exam preparation.

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