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6 Eco-Friendly Changes Every Company Should Make

Most companies have the desire to go green but aren’t sure exactly how to make the changes. Luckily, you don’t need to change every aspect of your business in order to become more sustainable. Whether you are a small clothing company or a large manufacturer, here are six eco-friendly changes you should make. 

1: Use Solar Panels 

Solar panels are an excellent green energy source that can power an entire building through the power of the sun. They’ve been around for a long time, but they’re still growing in popularity and becoming even simpler to install. If you have a building dedicated to your business, you must consider powering it with solar panels, as not only will it help you go green, but it’ll also save you money on your energy bills. Click Here To Visit Knobelsdorff for electricians that’ll make the change as easy (and rewarding) as possible. 

2: Go Paperless 

Everyone knows that paper comes from trees, but there aren’t infinite trees. The forests are being cut down far too quickly, contributing to a world with less wildlife and sustainability, not to mention its impact on the climate. To help prevent the need for so much paper, consider going paperless. It might seem like a huge challenge, but you’d be surprised at how easy it is, thanks to the brilliance of technology. 

3: Recycle Everything 

The chances are your business already recycles, but do you recycle everything that can be? Companies, especially large ones, produce far more waste than the average consumer, making it crucial that they examine their waste and figure out ways to reduce it. As well as recycling, you should also consider different ways to reduce the materials you use. 

4: Use Automatic Lights 

Do you often find lights left on in empty rooms? If so, your business would benefit from using automatic lights. In the average office, shop, or warehouse, staff often walking to and from different rooms, making it difficult to remember to switch the light off each time. Using automatic lights solves this issue, reducing your energy bill and your carbon footprint. 

5: Buy from Green Suppliers 

As a business, you should look at the other businesses you are buying from to ensure they match your ethical practices. After all, if you buy from a non-sustainable company, you’re contributing to that impact. So, consider how green your suppliers are and if you should change them. 

6: Educate Staff 

It’s not just your responsibility to ensure the business is green – it’s your staff, too. To make sure your employees don’t leave the water running, leave electrics on when not in use, or forget to recycle, make going green a big part of your company by educating them on ways to go green. You could even reward staff for reaching a recycling goal. 


If every business implemented these changes, the earth would start to heal. Even if you just change a couple of things at a time, you will be actively contributing to a greener world for all.

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