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4 Careers for Those Who Care About Others

Those who care for others and have a naturally nurturing personality will thrive when working in a job that allows them to utilize their empathetic qualities. While it can be overwhelming being an empath at times, the positives of being able to experience another person’s emotions and understand them on a deeper level can far outweigh the disadvantages. For instance, if you are a nurse and you see a person struggling with anxiety while waiting for test results, you may be able to understand their emotions on a much deeper level and connect with them in a way that allows you to calm and soothe them. 

If you are incredibly nurturing, however, but are unsure on the right career path for you where you can help others and ensure people are properly nurtured and cared for, the following guide is here to help. These are some of the most recommended career paths for those who care deeply about others and wish to lead a rewarding and fulfilling life.


  • Neonatal Nurse


Becoming a nurse is a popular and somewhat obvious choice for those who are caring and wish to make a difference. This is because of the day-to-day roles and responsibilities of a nurse as well as providing help and assisting doctors and surgeons when needed. As a registered nurse, you will be required to:

  • Conduct physical examinations
  • Provide support to doctors and surgeons when needed
  • Take detailed notes
  • Record any changes in a patient’s health
  • Listen to patients and help diagnose or analyze their emotional and/or physical needs and wellbeing
  • Perform blood tests and other health-related testing
  • Check and help analyze a patient’s vital signs

Once you have become a fully trained and qualified registered nurse, you can consider honing in on a specific field and obtain further qualifications. By doing this, you will become educated in a specific area and have sought-after specialisms. For instance, you may wish to train and become a neonatal nurse practitioner if you enjoy caring for infants and toddlers. If this sounds like you, then you can enroll in one of the many neonatal nurse practitioner programs such as the one provided by Baylor University. With courses such as this, you will earn the qualifications needed and find suitable clinical placements. 


  • Primary School Teacher


Do you love to teach and educate? If so, then a job in teaching and the educational sector may be ideal for you. By becoming a primary school teacher, you will be entrusted with the tasks and tools to teach the youth of today. This is the perfect career path for those who love children.

Reasons to become a primary school teacher include:

  • It is a very rewarding career path – You can help children learn and thrive, aiding them in finding subjects that they love and that can help prepare them for high school
  • Making a difference – You could be that adult that changes a child’s life and inspires them to become their very best
  • It can be a very fun profession – You are able to unlock your creativity as you find new and exciting ways to teach children their times tables or how to spell difficult words
  • Working with like-minded individuals – You will be working within a school environment and, therefore, working with other teachers who have the same ideals as you. 

Of course, there can be challenges to being a teacher. For example, it is a tiring job with long hours. However, the fact that you are able to help educate children, inspire them and offer them the tools to unlock their potential can be worthwhile.


  • Veterinary Surgeon


Do you have an affinity with animals and wish to make them better? If so, then becoming a vet or veterinary surgeon could be the right career choice for you. As a vet, you will be expected to care for several different animals, ranging from dogs and cats, to horses and even reptiles like lizards. However, it doesn’t stop there. You will also need to care for and check in with the owners to ensure they are dealing with their pets being unwell. After all, we all care and love our pets and consider them vital members of our family. 

Every day is varied when it comes to being a vet. You will meet new animals and owners and have new roles to play. However, it can also be incredibly taxing as you may have to deliver bad news and even put down animals if they are untreatable. 


  • Occupational Therapist


Not to be confused with a regular therapist (although being a therapist is also a rewarding and great career path for those who wish to help people), but an occupational therapist is someone who will help children and adults develop their skills and help those who may have physical or mental conditions that could make everyday tasks challenging. Usually, an occupational therapist will work with their patients and help them develop skills that are needed for everyday living. Their patients may have been born with such physical or mental conditions, developed them naturally as they grew up, or could have obtained them after an accident or injury. 

Becoming an occupational therapist is a long road to take. It could take up to six years to complete the educational requirements, plus you will also need to find a clinical placement so that you can job shadow and attain the experience needed. Aside from the typical bachelor’s degree requirement, you will have to pass a serious of tests and also obtain the correct licensure in your state. 

There are many jobs out there for those who wish to help others and make the world a better and more nurturing place. Try and develop your skills by educating yourself so that you can help those that need it. The above careers are only a small insight into the jobs on offer that could help you help others. 

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