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Why Moving to the Pacific Northwest is a Great Idea

Moving to the PNW can be a dream come true for the right people!  If you’re considering the area but aren’t sold on it: here’s everything you need to know! 

Better Work-Life Balance

Work-life balance is vital to your mental and physical health.  If you can’t keep a good work-life balance, you could struggle to form healthy relationships or have confidence in yourself.  The PNW is famous for how easy it is to swap from work to play and how much fun you can have while living here!

More Green Living

Green living is a big selling point for many.  A third of consumers say they consider whether something is environmentally friendly before they spend money on it: so why not move somewhere that allows you to live as green as possible?  It’s vital that if you’re heading for green living, you move to an area that supports it, or your efforts could be wasted.  Look into which cities offer recycling or opportunities that you want!

The Chance to Thrive in Your Career

The PNW could be the best place possible for building a career!  This is the area where huge companies like Microsoft have their home base and offer the chance for anyone to climb the corporate ladder.  The pay is also higher in this area of the country than in any other, which means that while you’re building your career, you can enjoy getting to live on far more money than you would in the same role anywhere else in the country.  


Although you will have to fight against the higher cost of living in this area of the country, the pay is still worth it!  If you live in Washington, it’s even better since there’s no income tax! 

Creative Art Scenes

The art scene is powerful in the PNW!  While looking at Portland houses for sale, you can pass by countless art galleries and museums within a twenty-minute drive!  You’ll also find tons of pop-up art shows, endless artist premiers, and tons of ways you can support local artists.

Living in a creative area like this might inspire you to get into the arts or indulge in your own hobbies as well! 

Cooler And More Comfortable Climates

The weather is heating up across the world, and summers in the South are becoming unbearable for many.  Although the cost of living is generally lower in the South, there’s only so much you can be willing to deal with to save some money.  The PNW has shorter and generally cooler summers!  This gives you the chance to enjoy better weather, which can ensure you spend more time outside and take in the beautiful views!  

Getting Away to the PNW Is a Dream Come True!

If you’re eager to get away to a new and fantastic area of the country: you’re not alone!  The PNW is a dream come true for so many people, and if everything in this list sounds good to you: it could be your dream come true as well!

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