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A Guide to Choosing CBD Capsules

Have you decided to give CBD capsules a try? If so, there are various factors to consider before making a purchase, such as the hemp source, ingredient list, lab-testing proof, overall product quality, etc.

There is a multitude of CBD brands selling capsules in the online market. Buyers can purchase them not only as capsules but also as soft gels and pills. Learning the difference between these formats is important when making a decision. 

Besides cannabidiol, most brands add melatonin, turmeric, vitamins, minerals, carrier oils, etc.

We hope the tips below help you make the best choice of such capsules.

Consider the type

The inceptive point of consideration when shopping for such a product is making a difference between CBD capsules, soft gels, and pills. Although most people use these terms interchangeably, buyers should understand the difference between them before making a purchase. For instance, capsules refer to a plastic-like or gelatin coating within which there is either powder or liquid. This format is susceptible to leaking, but they are more convenient to swallow than pills. 

Moreover, CBD pills aren’t exactly popular among buyers due to the potential unpleasant flavor. The powder is pressed in the shape of a pill to make the format as small as possible. Conversely, soft gels are the most preferred variant of such a product. Their casing is made of gelatin with a golden color, which prevents the content from leaking. 

Additionally, soft gels are nearly always equipped with hemp oil or olive oil. Nevertheless, buyers should make sure they aren’t exposed to hot temperatures so as not to melt. Go here to check out a detailed guide to the benefits of olive oil. 

Most individuals prefer soft gels because of being easy to swallow. Also, they break down easily when consumed, which increases their bioavailability. Instead of gelatin, some companies use vegetable glycerin when making soft gels to make them vegan-friendly. 

Check the hemp source

The following factor to take into account when buying CBD capsules is the quality of the ingredients. Therefore, buyers should check the hemp source, which is often included in the packaging or the site of the vendor. There is also supposed to be a certificate to prove that hemp is organic. 

Although the largest part of hemp worldwide originates from China, buyers are suggested to look for domestic hemp grown organically. For instance, Colorado is unquestionably the leader in hemp production, having over 40,000 planted acres. Other popular hemp-growing states include Arizona, Kentucky, California, Michigan, Oregon, Illinois, and New York. 

Moreover, the quality of CBD capsules is also dependent on the organic practices of hemp farmers. Most of the CBD capsules for sale are completely natural and cruelty-free, containing no artificial colors and flavors. Farmers are supposed to grow hemp with no herbicides, pesticides, chemical fertilizers, or solvents. 

Look for lab-testing proof

Another thing for buyers to consider when shopping for CBD capsules is lab testing proof. There’s no other way for manufacturers to confirm the quality of ingredients and production process than by providing a third-party certificate of analysis. Such a laboratory certificate is issued by third-party labs, providing crucial information about the number of different cannabinoids and the presence of pesticides and heavy metals. 

Nevertheless, the laboratory issuing these certificates of analysis should be indeed third-party. A large number of manufacturers have these certificates issued by their own labs, which makes the results unreliable. Hence, when buying CBD capsules, it’s of the utmost importance for the company producing them to be different than the lab in charge of the testing. 

Check the ingredients

When buying CBD capsules, individuals are recommended to check the list of additional ingredients, as cannabidiol isn’t the only ingredient used in these products. Soft gels tend to contain MCT or olive oil as a carrier oil besides the cannabinoid extract. 

Furthermore, certain brands use additional ingredients to enhance the benefits of CBD capsules. For example, some companies infuse melatonin as a supplement, which is used to induce sleep in users at night. Turmeric is another ingredient added to these capsules owing to its anti-inflammatory role, stimulating pain alleviation. See this URL, https://www.webmd.com/vitamins/ai/ingredientmono-662/turmeric, for an overview of the uses of turmeric.

In addition, most brands have started adding minerals and vitamins to CBD capsules to improve the health of these pills. Those products containing hemp seed oil are likely to include vitamins and amino acids as well. 

How to take them?

CBD capsules are taken orally by putting the pill on the tip of your tongue and drinking 250ml of water to swallow it. Users are recommended to take their portion of cannabidiol every day at the same time to make sure their bodies accept it as a routine. 

Soft gels can be consumed not only with water but also with food. Even if you consume them on an empty stomach, you aren’t bound to experience discomfort. Given the organic character of the pills, vegetarians aren’t prevented from taking them. 

The greatest thing about CBD pills is the possibility for users to take them anywhere with them, such as at work, on their trips, etc. These capsules are available in different milligram levels of cannabidiol, such as ten, fifteen, and twenty-five milligrams. 

To sum up

The pills you buy should be high-quality, lab-tested, and organic.

Never settle for cheap products of low quality with no certificate of analysis. 

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