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7 Ways To Be More Present In The Office in 2022

As many COVID-related regulations are lifted, more companies are transitioning their workforce back to the office, and this change has come with many pros and cons. The pros include improved productivity and accountability, but cons include an increase in employees’ expenses as well as the general difficulty of transitioning. One of the biggest challenges proves to be the demand to be present and focused while working in an office environment. While the fluidity of the mobile work environment appealed to many, the in-person workplace will demand that staff focus solely on work once again.

Limit Distractions During The Work Day

If you’ve ever wondered how to use virtual background in Teams or struggled to coordinate a virtual meeting for 20 attendees, returning to the office might seem like a blessing. Indeed, many of the struggles that plagued the online workplace are likely to evaporate, but new ones will recur in their place. You might have finally figured out your custom Zoom background, but now you need to figure out how to limit distractions as you return to the office environment. Maintaining a sense of presence is more important than ever.

How can you stay focused when you work in an office? The first step is to identify your responsibilities and create a plan for fulfilling these duties. You should then imagine any factors in your environment that might compromise your ability to do your job and take steps to eliminate them from your environment. The latter of these may be difficult, but it can be helpful to enlist a colleague or your supervisor for accountability. Be honest about the struggles you anticipate and ask for any advice they may have for staying focused on the job.

Make Time To Become A Better Listener

When you voice your concerns, you’ll likely find that you aren’t the only one struggling with the transition back to the office. Change is always hard, and many of your colleagues are probably having trouble staying focused, too. If you want to make the move easier and stay focused, you should take the time to listen to advice from your colleagues. Ask them how they eliminate distractions and make notes. Ask for advice on maintaining productivity and apply the tips. Listening is key to achieving better performance.

Listening can also help you maintain better relationships with your coworkers and supervisors. As the return to the office necessitates interpersonal interactions, it might seem necessary to brush up on your social skills. Talking with teammates while using immersive view Zoom backgrounds is one thing. Talking face-to-face in the break room is another. Make an effort to listen to the people around you, and remember that everybody else is likely struggling with the transition just as much as you are. This can help you ease into workplace interactions and reconnect with your colleagues naturally.

Install a customized Zoom background if you’re still working from home or communicating with clients virtually. You can recreate the appearance of an office even when you’re away.

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